2019 Npower Transition taken down from Npvn dashboard

2019 Npower Transition taken down from Npvn Dashboard

As part of plans finding suitable job placements for its 2016 volunteers. The N-power team came up with a Transition Package,where beneficiaries of the N-power programme can choose from several job placement on the npvn portal or profile.
Volunteers of the programme should note that this transition package which was visible on the npvn dashboard of volunteers has been taken down by N-power. Although, most of the volunteers who quickly saw the transition tab on their npvn dashboard quickly chose from the options that were available. Since the closing down of the transition tab on the npvn platform,there is no official news from npower as to why the transition package was removed.
However, volunteers of the programme should not panic over such developments, as we believe the whole transition package was just a test run and more information will be available in the coming days.
To visit the npvn dashboard > http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/

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